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Please join with me and support our neighbors through donations to the Needham Community Council. To learn about the ways to contribute please visit the Community Council’s website here. Please note that no thrift shop donations will be accepted at this time.

March 11, 2020 – (Needham Community Council) We know that the evolving news about Coronavirus COVID-19 may be causing growing concerns. While there are no known cases yet in Needham, the Council is taking appropriate precautions and we want you to know that keeping our community – program participants, staff, volunteers, and visitors – safe is our highest priority. 

As of today, Wednesday, March 11th, the Council is open and will continue to provide services to those in need. However, to best protect those entering, and working in, our building, we have set up COVID-19 Wellness Stations at each entrance. 

What does that mean? 

Those entering the Council will be asked to stop at a wellness station for a precautionary screening, which will involve providing answers to the following questions: 

Do you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath?
Have you traveled internationally, or to an outbreak area, within the past two weeks?
Have you been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?
If the answer is yes to any of the three questions, we are asking folks to not come in the building. 

We understand this is an uncertain time but we appreciate all efforts to protect the community. We recommend that you continue to check our website for up-to-date information and we promise to continue to offer transparency.
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