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Thursday, July 27, 2023



At the request of Ms. Garlick of Needham, will the members, guests, and employees please stand in a moment of silent tribute in respect to the memory of Needham resident Edward de Lemos.


  • At the age of 88 Ed de Lemos died having lived a full life and loving his wife Carol, 4 daughters, and 10 grandchildren.


  • A resident of Needham for more than five decades, he was an integral part of the community. In leadership, the Needham Historical Society, in reverence and joy as a tenor in St. Joseph’s choir for more than 40 years, and in active participation in community organizations and civic events.


  • Ed was a man of keen intellect, with well-informed and passionate opinions and considerable skills in debate.


  • Ed cared deeply about the past, present, and future issues and concerns that impacted his family, community, country, and world.


  • Through his thoughts, words and actions, Ed worked for a better world every day.


  • Members of the House please stand for a moment of silence in honor of Ed de Lemos.
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