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Dear Friends and Neighbors,  



On Wednesday, I voted in the affirmative on H4672, the Massachusetts Parentage Act. This bill will update Massachusetts statutes regarding legal parentage to protect children, parents, and reflect the many ways families are formed today.  


The Massachusetts Parentage Act is based off the Federal Uniform Parentage Act which ensures the protection of the parent-child relationship and parentage laws. The Massachusetts Parentage Act clarifies who can be a parent and how to establish parentage. The bill recognizes the various paths to parentage such as birth, adoption, acknowledgement, adjudication, genetics, assisted reproduction, surrogacy, de facto parentage, and presumptions. The Massachusetts Parentage Act notably: 


  • Ensures that children born through assisted reproduction technology (i.e. IVF) have a clear route to establish their parentage  
  • Provides clear standards for establishing parentage through surrogacy  
  • Ensures equality for LGBTQ families so they can establish their parentage like other families, including through a voluntary acknowledgement of parentage. 
  • Provides a clear standard for courts to resolve competing claims of parentage 
  • Codified parentage precedents from the Supreme Judicial Court 
  • Ensures greater efficiency and consistency in our courts and reduces unnecessary litigation.  


These key acts in the bill are a monumental step forward in equality for LGBTQ+ families. Many LGBTQ+ families have to adopt their own children, adoption being their path to parentage, this may leave children of LGBTQ+ parents vulnerable in not legally recognizing the child-parent relationship. The Massachusetts Parentage Act will protect LGBTQ+ families and all families in their path to parentage.  


This legislation will ensure equality for families formed through non-traditional paths to parentage. Children and parents, regardless of their path to parentage will be legally protected by the Massachusetts Parentage Act. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.   


Yours in service,  


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