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I concur with my colleagues and the following statement from Speaker DeLeo and I have voted in the affirmative…

“COVID-19 represents a threat to the health, safety and economic well-being of all the citizens of the Commonwealth. An insidious virus that has disrupted every aspect of our lives, it does not abide deadlines and it will require our constant vigilance well past July 31st.

“While the rule to end formal sessions on July 31st in an election year typically serves an important purpose, we are facing unprecedented public health and fiscal challenges that were unforeseeable as recently as last January. No one can predict what might happen over the next 5 weeks, much less the next 5 months. While we are cautiously optimistic that we will maintain the gains we have made here in the Commonwealth since the spring, we must remain prepared to address critical issues related to the health, safety and economic well-being of the Commonwealth when and if they arise over the next 5 months.

“Our constituents have risen to the demands of 2020; they deserve for the Legislature to stay in session so that we can finish crucial work and continue to respond to challenges as they arise…”

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