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Dear Friends and Neighbors,
My continued optimism and hope for our future as a community, Commonwealth, and country was reaffirmed by the two summer interns working with me and my staff this summer. Carina from Dover and Ryan from Needham have been completing valuable work in my office, including taking part in briefings with leaders in state government, completing projects on policy issues, and attending hearings on pending legislation. Throughout their time, they have demonstrated their own commitment to their learning and their passion from an in-depth dive on PFAS to an overview of nurse education, Medicare4All and for supporting our communities.
In their own words , Carina said “Local government covers such a breadth of topics and every issue is multifaceted and important in its own right, so each day I learned something new. As I attended legislative hearings, briefings and meetings, I was thoroughly impressed by the passion our representatives and citizens brought to every issue”. Ryan also shared, “Throughout this internship, I have become increasingly aware that anybody can get involved in the legislative process, no matter who you are. I cannot wait to use what I have learned to become more active in my community and make a tangible impact going forward.”
I appreciate their public service and I am grateful for their spirit which will shape our future.
Yours in Service,

District Updates

  • In Needham, small businesses are joining together for the Needham Passport Challenge! Pick up your passport from one of twenty-four participating local businesses and you will be entered into a raffle every time you patronize one of the merchants until August 31. To learn more about this challenge, click here.


  • In Dover, MassDEP issued its response to the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) submitted by Colonial Water Company in response to the recent customer complaints regarding water quality and discoloration. MassDEP has determined that the CAP is technically deficient and instructed Colonial to take several actions to remedy the solution. You can read massDEP’s response here.


  • In Medfield, the Town is working with BerryDunn on helping Medfield’s business community emerge from the challenges posed by COVID-19. The Town is currently seeking feedback from residents, business owners, employees, and customers to develop specific project recommendations for the Town. To provide feedback and learn more about this work, click here.

Legislative Updates

  • On Monday, I testified for my legislation, H.369, An Act establishing a dentist diversion program in front of the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. This legislation seeks to establish a pathway for dentists who are struggling with the disease of addiction whereby they may obtain treatment and supervision services that they need, and return to their practices unimpaired and ready to serve their patients once again. This legislation follows the model of the diversion program currently operated by the Board of Registration in Medicine for physicians.
  • On Wednesday, MassCyberCenter gave a briefing to the legislature on cybersecurity. Technological advancements have made ransomware more prevalent, meaning hackers can take advantage of weaknesses in one’s system and have access to personal information before being detected. To protect yourself, be alert to how your technology should operate so you can notice abnormalities and report them. For security tips and resources from MassCyberCenter, click here.
  • On Thursday, I joined my colleagues in the House of Representatives in voting to override the Governors’ vetoes of the FY22 budget. These votes include funding for regional transit authorities, emergency family shelters, and climate preparedness. The House also voted to include a study on the impacts of COVID-19 on Children’s Behavioral Health.

Statewide Updates

  • As part of the Recycle Smart MA program, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection have issued the Smart Recycling Guide to provide residents and businesses clear guidance on what materials should and should not be placed in recycling containers. To access this guide and more resources on recycling, click here.
  • Mass Humanities is accepting applications from Massachusetts museums, libraries, and other humanities institutions for SHARP (Sustaining the Humanities through the American Rescue Plan) grants as they recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Applications for these grants close on Wednesday, August 4 and are anticipated to be announced mid-September. To access the guidelines, application, and FAQs, click here.
  • Massachusetts residents ages 12 and up and who are fully vaccinated are eligible to enter the Massachusetts VaxMillions Giveaway. The first drawing was held today. Residents ages 18 and older have the opportunity to win one of four remaining $1 million cash prizes and residents between ages 12-17 have the opportunity to win one of four remaining $300,000 scholarship grants. For more information on registering, click here.


If you are in need of information, resources, or support please visit my website for a list of resources regarding unemployment assistance, food assistance, housing, and mental health. Additionally, for town specific information visit the Towns of Needham, Dover, and Medfield’s websites.

If you are in need of assistance, my office is still accessible by phone and email so please contact my office and we will get back to you.

Email: Denise.Garlick@mahouse.gov
Phone: 617-722-2380

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